Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa

4 Star

1900 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL, US, 32830 | View Map

Hotel Info: 1-866-372-5506

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Hotel Features: The Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa is one of the best cheap hotels near Orlando that you can stay at. The best part about cheap hotels near Orlando attractions is that they offer their guests a way to stay in luxury, and save money at the same time.

Guest Rooms:The Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa is home to 1,014 guest rooms. All rooms are air conditioned for your comfort, and they also include pillow top mattresses, roomy bathrooms, blackout drapes, and a refrigerator. You can opt to receive several room accommodations, like housekeeping, additional beds, and hypoallergenic bedding if you wish.

Nearby Attractions: Cheap Orlando hotels that make it easy to have fun on the town are the ideal way to spend your vacation. The Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa makes it easy for you to have fun, starting in the Downtown Disney Area. You can also enjoy a day of relaxation playing golf at one of the three courses that surround the hotel grounds.

Amenities: During your stay at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa you will have access to multiple outdoor swimming pools, internet access, on-site dining, pool tables, and on-site laundry facilities. Some amenities and accommodations will require an extra fee.

This hotel is perfect for:
• Families traveling to Orlando
• Hotels with spas in Orlando
• Hotels near Orlando
• Hotels near Orlando attractions

Expert Tip: Don’t let the kids have all the fun during your vacation to Orlando! The Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa is a wonderful way to release some of that tension from a day running around to multiple amusement parks. For instance, you can pamper yourself with one of the many beauty services the hotel offers, like the hair salon or the full service health spa.

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